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Mitchell Ogilvie Tailoring
Over 40 years of knowledge and 100 years of combined experience at your service.
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Mitchell Ogilvie Tailoring


Nothing fits like a Made-to-measure suit.

Suits — especially the first suits we wear as young men — make an impression on us and those around us.

A well-made suit says we are well put together and take our appearance seriously. A suit that fits poorly says anything but.

Even though we know this, for many of us our first experiences in a suit can be uncomfortable; we’re either jammed into a too-tight jacket or pants, or swimming in an outfit designed for a middle-aged frame rather than a more… athletic body.  

You could buy off-the-rack from any of the stores that now line Brisbane’s streets and department stores, however while the options are low in cost, they’re high on trade-offs.

Starting with the fit.

Alterations can fix some of these issues, but the truth remains: there’s nothing that fits like a Made to Measure suit.

In 2015, seeing the trend toward lower cost suits for young professionals, and the low quality that came with them, we decided to create a quality suit that was custom-tailored for each client and could be delivered at a reasonable price .  And so, the Mitchell Ogilvie Tailoring service was born.

The aim of the suit is simple: to make sure the men that wear them look the part, while we provide style guidance that aligns with their ambitions. 

First job? We have a suit for that.

Going for a promotion? We know what you’ll need.

Celebrating a milestone? We have just the thing.

Weddings? Our speciality. 

The truth is, we’ve fitted suits to Brisbane’s leading barristers, accountants, entrepreneurs and politicians for over 40 years. In that time, we’ve learned how to dress men for success. 

So when you buy a Mitchell Ogilvie Tailoring suit, you’re benefitting not just from our tailoring, but from what we’ve learned about the role a good suit plays in every successful man’s career.

The Mitchell Ogilvie Tailoring service begins in our Edward Street store, where our Specialists take your measurements and you can select the fabric you’d like your suit to be made from. The best part of an in-store measurement is you get to experience the full process — even starting with a beer or champagne in our private fitting area (for the over 18’s, of course!).

Running the gamut from herringbone to mohair to seersucker, your Mitchell Ogilvie Tailoring suit will truly be one of a kind — right up to your choice of linings, buttons and thread colours — even the style of pockets you have. Best of all, once you’re measured once, we can use those measurements as a template for future suits.  Within 3-4 weeks, we’ll have your suit ready in store for a second fitting and any final tweaking. After that, the world is your runway.

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