November 22, 2013


Think of European beaches, and swimwear is often not the first thing that comes to mind, what with the European’s charming disdain for beachwear of any description. But, Vilebrequin, the French swimwear label born on the luxurious beaches of Saint Tropez in the 1970s, is a European swimwear line that embraces stylish modesty.

Utilising a traditional boxer-short silhouette that leaves the wearer completely at ease, Vilebrequin shorts come in a plethora of punchy, Hawaiian inspired prints and brights that are instantly recognisable.

Known for their high-quality swimwear, Vilebrequin shorts are made from a durable, fast-drying canvas, and employing clever air holes to avoid mid-swim bubble ups. Each pair comes with a waterproof wallet, so you can avoid the awkward ‘wallet in the shoe’ stuffing, pre-swim.

Loved by celebrities— particularly those holidaying on the Cote d’Azur—these classic and effortless trunks are a testament to the enduring appeal of designs that gifts equal weight to style and functionality.

Vilebrequin swimwear is in store at Mitchell Ogilvie Menswear, the sole boutique stockist of Vilebrequin in Brisbane.


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