May 10, 2017

Consider the trousers. Exponents of motion. Sculptural while static, but fluid in action – the definition of grace under pressure. The stage is set for a performance piece in acts: the anticipated debut, the development of character; the hand-crafted outcome. Become either the watcher or the watched — both wear The Trousers in this relationship.

The construction of a trouser is the work of an ensemble cast. The front, back, fly and waistband are created individually, and then assembled. Each gesture and technique plays a fundamental role in the story, carefully guiding the narrative.

The trousers follow the movements of the body – rest, walk, run – without compromising the garment’s integrity. The front of each leg is imprinted with a precise, perpendicular line, creating the first contours. Pockets varying sizes and shapes, depending on the style are attached.

Front and back are sewn together as the plot develops, thickens and settles, the conclusion taking shape from a particular pressing technique that defines the final silhouette. A sequence of checks to ensure the finished product does the process justice, all watched by expert eyes, before the watcher becomes the watched.

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