November 3, 2017

Whether you are having a cultural weekend in your hometown, surviving a quick business trip to, or using a long stopover to see a new city, travel is all about continuous discovery – to be enjoyed with curiosity and impeccable style.

Stopover strategy: A vacation within a vacation. A journey is a continuous discovery, especially if it is one that brings us to far corners of the world to explore new culture and sights. Such a long journey, however, can be tiring: many hours are spent in flight and jet lag can ruin a perfectly good vacation. This is why the new trend of intentionally adding in a long stopover is becoming so popular among long-haul travellers. These 24-hour stopovers, once avoided at all costs, are now considered opportunities to see a new city on your way to or from your destination.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to leave the airport, there are plenty of hubs with endless activities to keep you entertained. The Helsinki airport offers a Finnish sauna as well as yoga and pilates classes while passengers in Singapore can swim in a rooftop pool, go to the 24-hour cinemas, visit a butterfly garden or enjoy an art exhibit. For those in a rush to get to Terminal 3, there is a four-story slide that will bring you there in an instant.

Regardless if your stopover strategy, we recommend wearing a casual look for maximum comfort. Go for a soft cotton shirt, a pair of comfortable pair or denim’s and sneakers, and enjoy your trip!