July 26, 2013

fratelli rossetti

The leather brogue is to men’s fashion as the little black dress is to women’s. A good pair will give the wearer a subtle confidence and winning air that can only come from quality footwear.

The brogue is a surprisingly versatile piece, and can be styled both casually and formally with ease. Invest in a pair with a classic brown patina, and enjoy the comfort of knowing you will always have an appropriate pair of shoes.

The master of Italian footwear, Fratelli Rossetti, makes such a brogue. The Rossetti name is synonymous with excellence, and each pair is made with the loving devotion such a shoe deserves. Mitchell Ogilvie Menswear is home to Fratelli Rossetti footwear, and their lace-up leather brogue.

Find this, the king of shoes, in store now for $695.