November 1, 2013

The arrival of the warmer months, while welcomed by young and old, have the unfortunate effect of prompting dress standards to fall considerably. Shorts are embraced by all—even those who should perhaps reconsider them—and shoes are occasionally replaced with the dreaded ‘thong’.

And yes, we know it’s hot, but really that’s no excuse. Look at the Italians. Now here’s a good looking group of people who have mastered the art of cool, casual dressing, without turning to creased t-shirts and plastic footwear.

Unlocking the secrets of effortless Italian summer style can seem daunting, but there are few simple rules you can follow to add a touch of dolce vita to your summer wardrobe. Here’s an easy guide on how to dress like an Italian:

Know your body.
Embrace the good, hide the bad. Oversized jackets and jeans aren’t doing you any favours, particularly if you’re on the larger side. And too-tight garments can be just plain rude. Go for options that slim the body.

Keep it simple.
The neutrals (read: black, white, red, navy and tan) are your friends. Build your wardrobe around these colours and you’ll find that magically, everything goes with everything. (Note: When dressing like an Italian, slogan t-shirts and fluoro should be avoided at all costs.) Italian’s really embrace white in summer, and you’d be surprised how cool a white chino can feel, paired simply with a navy tee and high-shine loafers, sans socks of course.

When choosing pieces to take you through this season and the next, you should live the adage: buy better, buy less. Expensive fabrics perform better over the long term, saving you money down the line. Invest in linens, cottons, and other natural fibres that will let your body breathe in the summer months. Italians don’t sweat it.

What are you waiting for? Start employing these Italian style rules in your wardrobe for a cool, stylish summer. All that’s missing is the gelato.