October 5, 2013

Pal Zileri Italian suiting represents the zenith in classic, elegant menswear. Not satisfied with the everyday, or the expected, Pal Zileri eschews simple textiles and ordinary cuts in favour of bright suits, textured fabrics, thoughtful finishing details, and statement-making designs.

Consideration for cut and finish are markers of all Pal Zileri garments.

The effortless, quintessentially Italian approach to dressing with flair and attention to detail comes through in every Zileri piece. And with a collection that includes shirts, knitwear, accessories, and outerwear, this luxury line is as comfortable embracing casual wear as it is impeccable suits.

Mitchell Ogilvie Menswear is the Brisbane home to Pal Zileri. Learn more about the Pal Zileri label here.

Image credit to Pal Zileri spring/summer collection