July 18, 2013

A mans guide to packing

The jet-set gentleman understands the importance of a sound packing regime. While the ability to pack light is a virtue the seasoned travel vet’ learns with time, the basics can be taught. Follow our fail-safe tips to ensure you touch down in style at your next destination.

The Travel Essentials:

The Sunglasses | If you’re lucky, you’re travelling somewhere where the sun will be an issue. If not, they will come in handy for disguising jet lag.

The  Sweater | Whether you’re off to Morocco or Mozambique, Murphy’s Law has taught us if you don’t pack a sweater, you will undoubtedly need one. And it has to be cashmere.

The Shoes | Footwear is a frequent point of contention in the travel agenda. You need a pair of shoes that are smart enough to let you in anywhere, comfortable enough to walk in all day. The answer is a smart pair of lace-up leather brogues. Fratelli Rossetti make the ideal pair, find them in store.

Tip: Wear your heaviest pair of shoes while travelling, packing your lighter pair in the bottom of your bag. Your bag will be lighter, and your garments at less risk of disturbance.

The Suit | A lightweight suit in an informal grey or blue can take you from a meeting to the markets by removing the jacket.

Tip: Turn your suit jacket inside out, keeping the sleeves on the inside, when packing. The suit’s lining will protect it from wrinkles.

The Bag | A quality piece of luggage will stay with you long after your tan has faded. Choose a versatile piece with a shoulder strap and handles for ease of transport. Mitchell Ogilvie Leather Bags are the perfect carry-all, and in store now.