April 16, 2015

A gentleman’s guide to looking good in a suit: 7 menswear style mistakes, and how you can make them right!


1.  Do You Know Your (Correct) Jacket Size?

It’s a simple question, but the majority of us gents don’t know what size we take, let alone how a jacket should fit us properly. Memorise this basic checklist before investing in a suit and you can’t go wrong:

> Your jacket should sit flat against your chest and shoulders when the buttons are done up.

> The jacket should hug your shoulders, and sit straight across your shoulder width

> Make sure the bottom of your jacket doesn’t fall below the point where your fingertips end

Made To Measure Suits

 2. Your Trouser Hems Are Too Long, or Short

We get it, you love that ‘natty’ pair of socks, but if you’re rocking ankle swingers then you need to have a re-think about your trouser situation. Ditto, if you can’t see your shoes under all that pooling fabric. Not cool. The art of looking effortless in a suit comes down to some simple, yet very effective, tailoring; for a modern look, trousers should be gently tapered and sit on mid heels.

3. Too Much or Too Little Shirt Sleeve Showing

A common problem that comes with un-tailored suits is the length of the sleeve. Answer this: Do all men have the same arm length? Exactly. Aim for the end of your jacket sleeve to end ½ inch from your shirt cuff—you don’t want to look like you’re playing dress up with your dad’s clothes!

4. Doing Up All the Buttons on Your Jacket

We’re not sure when this ‘rule’ came about, but we’re here to tell you buttoning up all your jacket buttons is just plain wrong, not to mention giving you a little paunch.

5. Have You Tied Your Tie Properly?

Too short, too long, not enough ‘oomph’ in your knot: tying a tie can be a real stress-inducer. If, by some miracle, you’ve made it this far in life without the ability to tie a classic Windsor knot, then we suggest you swat up, fast. There’s a tonne of tutorials online so there’s really no excuse for slovenly knots.

How Not To Wear A Tie

6. Skimping On Your Shoes

It’s no good taking on board items 1 through 5 and then finishing off your look with a pair of shoes that you’ve had since graduation. It may be trivial, but judgement shall be passed on the state of your scuffed, sloppy shoes. Man up, buy a few classic pairs, and a shoe maintenance kit.

Shoes maketh the man

7. Not Making Friends With Your Tailor

The secret of a great fitting suit is the tailoring. Even off-the-rack styles can look great with a little help in this department; however, a custom-made suit made to your own measurements will really look the business.

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