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May 31, 2017

Put your faith in The Belt. Seldon shouted about but essential, its strength lies in its simplicity and its discretion. A trusted marriage of elements in an unbroken bond that proves its fortitude with every wear. Buckled, unbuckled and buckled again, day after day; to create a length of leather that spans time and space; an homage to tenacity and balance.

The belt refines an old-age connection. Leather meets metal. Organic coming together with manmade in a mutual exchange of strength. Treated and coloured hides go from irregular sheets of raw material to uniform strips of belt leather in the next stage of their transformation. Machine-cut, or sliced by hand, to get the best natural patina.

Trimmed to size, each belt is then embossed with the Canali name, stamped with a permanent reminder, a memory from the factory floor driven deep into the leather. The buckle, a simple piece of engineering with a lot riding on it, is secured, then firmly hammered home with passion.

Stitching is the final process, locking the components into place and providing another layer of decorative details. Checked over thoroughly and packaged with care, the belt is a finished masterwork of style and function.

The Art of Creating Canali Trousers

May 10, 2017 
Consider the trousers. Exponents of motion. Sculptural while static, but fluid in action - the definition…
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