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October 17, 2013

The subtle, samey nature of menswear means even the smallest details on your ensemble can mean all the difference between looking sharp and looking out-dated. Moving your lapel up and down a few inches can change your look from aristocratic to blue collar, adding a suspender is generally ill-advised, and a gent with his bottom jacket button done up might as well head home.

With the spring racing season upon us, we think there’s no better time to look at shaking up your outfit details.

The double-breasted blazer has been making its presence felt for the last few seasons (not that it ever really went away), and we think this classic suit cut is well worth revisiting for spring racing. The double breast is a ‘power’ look and screams masculinity, and, worn in a bright colour or pattern, will ensure you stand out from the pack come race day.

When choosing a double-breasted blazer, it’s all about the finer points. Consider your build. The double-breast is a boxy look that looks best on tall, slim-ish types, but worn at the right length can work on any body type. For a formal look try a six-button jacket, while four, or even two, offers a lighter, more casual take on this trend.

Mitchell Ogilvie menswear is home Pal Zileri suits in Brisbane.

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