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April 24, 2013

The pocket square is the gentleman’s origami, and the fold is all important.

How you choose to wear your square—with one point, two, three, or four, the puff, the rolled puff, the winged puff, the flat fold—depends on the formality of the occasion and how creative you’re feeling.

This practical ‘kerchief finishes a suit and elevates your look to a new level of dressiness, while adding a playful element into an otherwise no-nonsense ensemble. A punchy square, whether it’s patterned or plain, is the sign of a confident man. Master the two-point fold and wear your personality in your top pocket:

Step one: Lay the pocket square flat in a diamond. Fold the bottom corner up, slightly to the left of the top point.

Step two: Fold the left side across to the right.

Step three: Fold the right across to the left. And tuck in.

Mitchell Ogilvie Menswear appreciates a well-crafted pocket puff. Our pocket square selection includes the finest squares from the likes of Etro.